As one considers investment prospects for real estate and what makes them good or poor investments, one has to consider various factors. Is this property going to provide significant value at its price point? Does this property have strong potential for growth and appreciation in value? Can I rent this property out to a number of different potential suitors? If a prospect can meet all three of these criterions, that makes it a strong investment worthy of consideration. In this piece, our aim is to show you that The Landing at Wood Lake meets all the criteria comfortably, with flying colours.


The Landing at Wood Lake is first and foremost great value. Consider what you’re getting for roughly $550,000-650,000; spacious rooftop patios a stone’s throw away from the beach of a beautiful, serene lake, and a luxury townhome with modern, sleekly designed interiors. Similar designs in similar locations around the Okanagan are going for roughly $900,000-1,000,000. The Landing gives investors immense bang for their buck before one even gives consideration to speculation tax, which Lake Country is exempt from.

Potential For Growth

Lake Country is an up-and-coming community whose rapid growth is exceptional, and at one point, they were even given the title of fastest growing community in BC.  Even beyond that, from 2011-2016 they had a growth rate of 10.4%, which is way above average. Some reasons for this exponential growth include its close proximity to high-value infrastructure such as the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan (UBCO) campus and the Kelowna airport. Also, Lake Country is a beautiful force to be reckoned with in and of itself. Living up to its namesake by boasting proximity to not one, not two, but three sparkling lakes in the Okanagan – Kalamalka Lake, Okanagan Lake, and The Landing’s very own Wood Lake. As it continues to grow, Lake Country will only continue to broaden its appeal and, by extension, its properties will only continue to appreciate.

Renting Prospects

As noted above, Lake Country is prized for its proximity to Kelowna’s airport, UBCO, and three different gorgeous lakes. This gives potential investors multiple strong options moving forward as to whom they can rent to. Potential renters include students from out of town or affluent snowbirds looking for a summer vacation home. This multiplicity of options creates a strong, steady market of potential reliable renters year-round.

The Landing is an excellent value proposition in one of the best up-and-coming markets in British Columbia and strong, diversified prospects in the rental market. On every level, it succeeds in going from strength to strength in terms of providing a complete and compelling package for would-be investors.