It’s time you built a life that allows you to do what you enjoy in the place you call home. Why wait for that annual holiday to experience adventure when you can have it all year round? The Okanagan Valley’s endless options from beaches and slopes, to trails, and wineries, means you only have to go as far as your front door. Amongst it all is a hidden gem, Lake Country. A city sandwiched between Kelowna and Vernon, turning tourists into residents, marked as THE staycation destination to recharge and rebalance. Here are all the reasons why it is the standard for staycation destinations:

1. Beaches: It’s called ‘Lake Country’ for a reason, with 100’s of kilometers of lake stretch perfect for swimming, fishing and water sports. One of the most popular sites in the residential area of the city is Wood Lake. The public beach with private moorage is lined by gorgeous homes and well-kept community spaces including Beasley Park, a popular spot for sports teams, picnic enthusiasts and dog walkers.

2. Wineries: Discovering the local delicacies is part of the BC life and when that involves a glass of wine, cheese and a view that looks like a scene from a movie you may never want to leave. Wineries are some of the many rewards of living in Lake Country. A few tried and true favorites include Blind Tiger Vineyards, just a 5-minute drive from the center of Lake Country, and slightly further out, award winning, Gray Monk winery and Ex Nihilo vineyards.

3. Hiking and Biking: For those who cannot get enough of the outdoors then consider Lake Country your haven. A popular local choice, and world famous, is The Okanagan Rail Trail. Its 50 km of flat and light inclines make it an ideal biking and walking experience with scenic views of lakefronts, creeks and natural habits. And if you’re looking for something a little more challenging, then there’s Spion Kop which features difficult to moderate uphill and downhill passages.

4. Golf: The only problem with golf in the Okanagan is that there are just too many amazing courses to choose from. It’s no surprise that with over 2,000 hours of sun every year and stunning views of the lake mountains, vineyards, and orchards that it’s become one of the strongest pulls to turning tourists into permanent residents. Lake Country is home to one golf course that rises above the rest, The Okanagan Golf Club. It includes two champion courses, first-class practice facilities, and a clubhouse for the entire family to enjoy.