Location, location, location. How many times have you both heard and said that about a place you were interested in purchasing? Rightly so. It’s the one factor that can either give or take away value from your investment and the one point of sale you can’t change down the road. Schools, banks, public transportation, and shopping aside, one thing every neighbourhood deserves is a local eatery the entire family can enjoy. In Lake Country that comes down to one restaurant that’s been serving authentic Greek food for over 25 years and bringing in 5-star reviews with every plate. Our sales team was lucky enough to stop by for dinner after a long day after work, and discover for themselves what everyone had been raving about.

The Greek House Restaurant can be seen from our sales center just off of Rogers Road, a mere 2-minute walk by foot, and a crucial point if you plan on including a few glasses of their impressive cellar wines with your meal. Upon our arrival, the first thing we noticed immediately was the ornate and authentic features of the exterior putting us in Greece if only for a moment. The expansive, wrap-around patio was nearly full when we arrived, but under the generous guise of our host, we were offered a table that couldn’t have been cozier.

With ambiance checked off the list, we had only one thing left on our mind – the food! If there is one thing you have to do when you get to the Greek House, it is pace yourself. The menu is grand, and the food that is whisked past to the table next to you, only entices you to order more. True to Greek cuisine, you will find an array of seafood, chicken, and hot and cold platters with fresh ingredients to satisfy every taste. We did what every first-timer should, ordered a little bit of everything. At the advice of our waitress, we were told we could not leave without trying the calamari with fresh lemon and a homemade tartar sauce. Trust us; it will be hard for you not to want to lick the plate clean with this one. We would also put the lamb souvlaki as part of the shared platter at the top of the must-have list. We may have gone overboard ordering for a table of six when we were a table of two, but we must insist you order with an ere of caution. The portions are big, and as much as you may come to dinner with an appetite, more often than not, you’ll leave home with some form of a to-go bag. After polishing off a bottle of one of the cellar wines (Greek wine is an absolute must here!), we finished the evening with a decadent, buttery baklava and aromatic espresso.

Dinner at the Greek House Restaurant in Lake Country is nothing short of a perfect evening. How many people can claim a place as special as this one in their own back yard?

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