You’ve likely all dreamt about it one time or another. Escaping from the hectic pace of day-to-day-life in the city if even for just a moment. For most, that means jetting off on a beach holiday to bask in the sun with a drink in one hand and book in the other. It’s that very desire for ultimate relaxation mixed with the fondness for the modern perks of urban living, that’s spurred an architectural trend proving coastal modern homes don’t just belong on the beach anymore.

Nestled in a quiet refuge in beautiful Lake Country of British Columbia is a blend of contemporary meets West Coast Modern townhomes at The Landing. A mix between geometric precision and artistic inspiration, the sleek style offers a contemporary twist. It’s defining exteriors are marked by clean lines, sharp features, and earth-tone shades giving way for the structure’s functionality to take center-stage.

Don’t be fooled by the townhomes’ simplistic stature though. These 2 and 3-story constructs are anything but typical. Their unassuming touches play with light and reinforce privacy as a result of staggered elevations, over-sized floor to ceiling windows, and expansive, private rooftop patios.

True to form, the exteriors are a fusion of natural materials of heavy wood, concrete, and metal accents, carefully crafted to complement the luscious green surroundings of Lake Country.  

Take a peak at the stunning interiors and learn more about 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes starting in the low $500K at The Landing located in Lake Country.